About – Digitally Visible:


Hi, I am Jagadeesh Chundru, Founder of digitally visible.

I started digitally visible ( 30-01-2020) based on my past experiences as an entrepreneur and as an employee.

When I was started handytailor.com I got a lot of phone calls regarding digital marketing services. In that time my age was just 22 years old. So, I decided to learn digital marketing because it helps my business. My learnings help me my business a lot through Facebook ads, SEO.

After a few years, I stopped handytailor.com operations reasons are plenty. In a few months gap, I got a job as a digital marketing executive in Vijayawada. I joined because to learn how software or other related companies works. I learned a lot their than expected.

So, I decided to start as a digital marketing consultant by promoting my consultation website digitallyvisible.com and personal website jagadeeshchundru.com.


Why Digitally Visible:

The main aim to start with digitally visible is to help businesses by promoting, branding, conversion and designing their products and services to get more sales than traditional marketing.

Simply, is to leverage a client business reach, increase visibility, share brand messaging, and build brand loyalty, providing awareness to customers

Coming to digitally visible. I have an aim to register as a company in near future. So, I treating and branding as a company.


For more info Mail: [email protected]

[email protected]